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Professional Infill Specialists in Edmonton

Are you looking to build or develop your dream Edmonton home and need infill services to bring your project to life? We will help you achieve your goal with impeccable infill construction. Do you have unutilized land or an older home in the region that has reached a point where repair or improvement will not be as cost-effective as building something newer? Discuss your custom home design and infill location specifications with us. Our infill specialists at George’s Ditching & Trucking Ltd. are experts in infill construction for new homes and redeveloping underutilized land lots. Reach out to us if you are in need of infill specialists in Edmonton.


What Is Infill Construction?

It is a method of developing vacant or underutilized land into new construction, typically in urban or established suburban neighbourhoods. Often one lot is separated into two, with infill construction being utilized in order to properly secure the land for the new construction project.

If you aspire to have your dream home in a well-connected urban region, infill construction may be the answer. For infill construction, a homeowner or developer purchases a vacant or underused property to construct a new home on it.


This construction offers various benefits:

  • The opportunity to build a new home customized to your needs.

  • A home situated in an established, lively neighbourhood.

  • Easy availability of amenities, modern infrastructure, and utilities.


Why Hire Us?

If you consider infill as the route to your dream home in Edmonton, it will be an exciting journey with a brilliant outcome. To build a custom home, you will need a builder with experience and relevant expertise in the field. You will also need to look for an infill contractor who is familiar with land regulations and restrictions. 

Our infill specialists at George’s Ditching & Trucking Ltd. are happy to help you.

  • Locally based: Our infill contractors are familiar with the area around Edmonton with decades of experience working in the city. We can manage any restrictions or bylaw building ordinances imposed.

  • Long experience: We have more than 40 years of experience in the construction and excavation industries. We have the expertise to work on projects of any size.

  • Superior technology usage: We employ new technology, equipment, and products to efficiently and effectively meet every customer demand.

  • Well-trained staff: Our staff are certified in a variety of fields. We keep maintaining quality standards.

  • Cost-effective approach: We offer free cost estimates to our clients irrespective of the scale of the project and strive to keep the procedures as budget-friendly as possible.

  • Valuing customers: We believe in building positive and long-lasting relationships with our customers, with an uncompromising devotion to quality and value.

  • Safety and certifications: Our team prides education in the commercial, residential and industrial industries. G.D.T. is COR Certified for Safety. We have employees certified as safety officers and who are members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, P.T.M.A.A. certified and members of BROWZ, Safe Trenching, TDG, Ground Disturbance & First Aid.


Want Your Dream Home?

George’s Ditching & Trucking Ltd. Are the infill specialists you need to hire to build in the urban neighbourhood of your choice.

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