Asbestos Abatement Services in Edmonton

Was your house constructed during 1990’s? There are chances that asbestos was used during the construction process. Rely on George’s Ditching & Trucking to assess the extent of asbestos usage and for removal purposes in your Edmonton property.


Earlier, asbestos was preferred as a strengthening material and it didn’t even add weight.


George’s Ditching & Trucking Ltd. provides professional services, and we have built our business on providing exceptional customer service. We pay attention to detail. We have the manpower, equipment and experienced personnel to handle asbestos abatement services. Contact us today for professional asbestos abatement in Edmonton today!


Why Hire Our Professionals?

Here's a few reasons why you hire our professional contractors instead of doing the work on your own:


a. When you hire us, our professionals come with their years of experience and expertise and they know how to carry out the work more efficiently.
b. We ensure the safety of your property. Asbestos is highly toxic when disturbed. If you remove asbestos without proper safety equipment, you could release asbestos fibres into the air. This can lead to severe health conditions such as hypertension and hoarse breathing.
c. We also dispose of asbestos materials in a scientific manner. Any materials containing asbestos need to be sealed off to prevent cross-contamination throughout the other rooms in your home.
d. They are insured. If there is any kind of casualty or damage during the asbestos abatement process, you need not worry about the added expenditure.

Get professional services from our asbestos removal experts.

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To hire our professionals for asbestos removal services in Edmonton, contact George’s Ditching & Trucking Ltd. today. We also provide excavation services.

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